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Improving Credit: Receiving The Cure Vs Medicine

When it comes to improving your credit, a lot of companies are more likely to give you medicine vs the cure. The cure for bad credit comes in the form of budgeting.

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For Bankers – Why Use Heartland Credit Restoration?

At Heartland Credit Restoration we take pride in our ability to provide you the information you need to keep up to date with your clients and work hard to bring your clients back to you.

Secured Credit Cards vs Prepaid Cards

When reestablishing your credit, opening a new credit card can be a very important step in building your credit score. Learn more about the difference between secured cards and prepaid cards.

Start the Home Buying Process with Heartland Credit

Here at Heartland, our goal is to get you pre-approved for your pre-approval and get you on your way to owning your dream home.

Credit Monitoring Score Variation

“Why is my credit monitoring score different than what the bank pulled when I applied for a loan?” This is a question we get all the time. Discover what lies behind the variation in this score!

Learn more about IdentityIQ.

Understanding Escrow in the Home Buying Process

Are you getting ready to start the home buying process? Learn more about Escrow and what it will mean to you as you go forward with purchasing your new home!


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Mortgage Pre-Approval

Get the inside scoop from Heartland Credit Restoration owner, Andrew Yamilkoski on the things you should and shouldn’t do while trying to get pre-approved for your home loan.


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Jargon Breakdown: Understanding VOE, VOR, and VOM

Andrew Yamilkoski, owner of Heartland Credit Restoration, breaks down lending jargon: VOE, VOR and VOM and what each means to you in the lending process.

Exploring Title Search

When working towards mortgage qualification there are three things your loan officer will look at: your credit, down payment, and title. Learn more about the Title Search that your loan officer will run while qualifying your for your home mortgage.

Qualifying for Your Home Loan

Heartland Owner, Andrew Yamilkoski, discusses the factors loan officers look at when qualifying you for a loan and how to be prepared for the home buying process.

Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance

What is private mortgage insurance? Heartland Owner, Andrew Yamilkoski, explains private mortgage insurance and what you can do to avoid having to pay it.


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The Cost Of (Bad) Credit

Over your lifetime of borrowing, having bad credit can cost you upwards of $300,000. Learn more about how improving your credit can help you, starting today!


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Communication with Bankers and Realtors

Heartland Credit Restoration understands that communication needs to include bankers and/or realtors who you are working with to reach your goal. We are proud of our commitment to keep your banker and realtor up to date. This is just one more thing that makes up the Heartland difference.


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News About Equifax Security Breach

How Heartland Credit Restoration can help with the Equifax Breach. Credit Monitoring is a must and we have a quick and affordable option with Identity IQ.


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Bankruptcy Attorney

We work with bankruptcy attorneys closely to get bankruptcy clients back on their feet.

30 Days Late

What happens if you’re 30 days late with a payment? That’s when your credit starts to decrease.

Credit Score Variation

Why is there a variation in your credit score come between the three credit bureaus? Heartland founder, Andrew Yamilkoski discusses where the variation comes from and what it means for your credit?


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Inquiry vs Soft Pull

Does checking your credit affect your credit score? Discover the difference between an inquiry and a soft pull with Heartland Founder, Andrew Yamilkoski.

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What is a Judgement?

“What is a judgement?” At Heartland Credit, we get that question a lot. Heartland Founder, Andrew Yamilkoski discusses what a judgement is and what it can mean for your credit.

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The Heartland Credit Restoration Difference

Finding the right credit restoration company is an important step in rebuilding your credit – learn what to look for in your credit restoration company and what to avoid.

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Grading Your Credit

Is your credit score an A or an F? Heartland founder Andrew Yamilkoski breaks down each credit score grade and what that means for you.

Credit Score and Risk

Risk is calculated based upon your credit score – the lower your credit score, the higher the risk for financial institutions. Start improving your credit and lowering your risk today!

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Credit Score GPA

By comparing credit scores to high school GPA’s, Heartland founder Andrew Yamikoski makes understanding your credit score easier.

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Paying Back Collections

Navigating collections can be difficult as you work to rebuild your credit. Learn more about the best way to pay back bills that have been sent to collections.


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FICO Score Breakdown: 30 for 30

Join Heartland Credit Restoration Founder, Andrew Yamilkoski as he discusses the factors of the FICO algorithm that compute your credit score. In this video Andrew discusses balance vs limit and the magic number 30.


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FICO Score Breakdown: Length of History

Join Heartland Credit Restoration Founder, Andrew Yamilkoski as he discusses the factors of the FICO algorithm that compute your credit score. In this video Andrew discusses credit card history and how length of that history affects your score!


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FICO Score Breakdown: Pay History

Join Heartland Credit Restoration Founder, Andrew Yamilkoski as he discusses the factors of the FICO algorithm that compute your credit score. In this video Andrew discusses Pay History and what you can do to avoid getting a ding on your credit.


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Reestablishing Your Credit

Reestablishing your credit is one of the most important parts of building your credit. Don’t swear off using credit just because you’ve had bad credit in the past!


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Welcome Lesson 4: Credit Cards

Fourth biggest factor are credit cards. We’re going to teach you how to use credit cards as a tool to drive you credit in the right direction, rather than off the road.

Welcome Lesson 3: Length of History

Moving on to the third largest factor of your FICO Credit Score (15%) is length of history. The length of history you have with your creditors directly relates to your credit score and we’ll review why that matters to you.

Welcome Lesson 2: Balance to Limit

The second largest factor of your FICO credit score (30%) is balance to limit relationship. We’ve discussed pay history, now we’ll look at what it is, and why balance to limit is important.

Welcome Lesson 1: Pay History

As the most important aspect in building your credit (FICO Credit Score weights this at 35%), this is where we begin your new journey. Not only are we here to help clean up the history, we are here to help teach you to run your own credit journey. Let’s get started.

Welcome to Heartland Credit Restoration

Introduction to improving your credit report over the next 6 months and getting you to a positive credit report card. Three main things we will focus on- removing inaccuracies, validating items and settling potential negatives.