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Credit Repair Services

We provide credit repair services and education for consumers and financial professionals throughout the United States. Our commitment is to provide valuable credit education and tools to help people become empowered and knowledgeable about credit.

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The Heartland team brings the knowledge, experience, and valuable resources needed to get your credit back on track. We offer personal attention and real education you can use. You’ll be able to reach real people who are committed to helping you understand how to repair and drive your credit successfully.

Services Heartland offers include:

  • Customized Credit Repair Plans
  • Budget and Credit Repair Coaching
  • Assistance Applying for Fast-reporting Credit Cards
  • Continued Assistance and Monitoring of Credit

At Heartland we not only care about fixing your credit, but also arming you with the knowledge to become financially empowered. We look forward to serving you.

credit repair services



If you have clients who are falling short of getting approved for mortgage loans, refinancing, auto loans or personal lines of credit, we can help your clients get their credit back on track.

The team approach and our proven process can improve credit scores quickly and get your clients ready for loan approval. We work with financial professionals from across the United States. Simply refer your clients to Heartland Credit Restoration for their credit repair needs, and we’ll keep you informed of their progress.


Heartland Credit Restoration is at the top of my list of resources. They have drastically increased our revenue along with our credibility with new clients, referral sources and real estate agents. When we work with Heartland, they keep us posted on the progress of our clients’ credit repair. We couldn’t ask for a better group to work with.

The staff at Heartland Credit Restoration is extremely knowledgeable and professional. They give me frequent updates on my clients who are working with them to improve their credit scores. Every deal I’ve used them for has turned out as promised. As a loan officer, I appreciate being able to help people to get their credit repaired, and the team at Heartland really delivers.