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Regardless of the current credit challenges you face, we’ll help you understand your rights as a consumer and how to fix your credit. We provide our expertise and knowledge to keep your credit repair process moving in the right direction. Your credit repair action plan is created just for you. Working together with your Heartland team, you’ll experience a proven and trusted process that will improve your FICO credit score. And with better credit, you’ll be moving your life forward in a good direction.


As you go through your credit repair process, you’ll get valuable credit coaching. It’s important to understand how credit works, what created the issues you’re facing and most importantly, how to fix your credit. Education is at the core of everything we do at Heartland Credit Restoration. We’ve seen clients literally transform their lives and their credit through our educational process. Many become empowered to take control of their finances and to build long-term financial health.


Part of maintaining healthy credit is working with a budget to achieve your financial goals. You’ll have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on your credit by working one-on-one with your Heartland coach. We’ll guide you through the process of creating a spending plan that works for you and setting reasonable financial goals. Over time, you’ll see how a balanced budget can make all the difference in your spending habits and how it affects your credit score.