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Finding the right credit restoration company is an important step in rebuilding your credit – learn what to look for in a credit repair company and what to avoid.

Integrity Before Profit

Credit restoration is not as strictly regulated as other financial services, such as banking. This means that credit restoration companies can many times get away with unethical practices, as long as they don’t get a lot of violations or a lot of push back from their customers.

So what’s the number one way you can tell if a credit restoration company isn’t the best choice for you? It’s all in when they charge you. Federal law states that you must provide your services in credit repair before charging your clients. So if you find a company that promises to fix your credit, but is charging you upfront…that’s not a company you want to work with!

Heartland is proud to be a leader of integrity by never charging up front and always putting our clients first. Integrity before profit – that’s the Heartland Way!

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